meter la mano en esa wea 

KAMIYA (神谷重徳) / ムー レコードジャケット 1980年 キャニオン・レコード (via タイムラインの写真 - 生賴範義 展 The Illustrator | Facebook)

Haiti Kanaval, photographed by Leah Gordon.

"The characters and costume partially betray their roots in medieval European carnival, but the Jacmellian masquerades are also a fusion of clandestine Vodou, ancestral memory, political satire and personal relevation. The lives of the indigenous Taino Indians, the slaves’ revolt and more recently state corruption are all played out using drama and costume on Jacmel’s streets… [Haitian culture] is a vibrant, living avatar for not only Haitian history, but for all our histories."
- Leah Gordon

The biggest snail on Earth? 
It’s the largest species of gastropod in American waters, anyway. Lovingly referred to as the Florida horse conch, Triplofusus giganteus is a marine mollusc, whose enormous size and orange body makes it distinguishable on the ocean floor.
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